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LED Landscape Lighting

LED Deck, Pool & Patio Lighting

Our Light Pro Division takes great pride in preparing a lighting plan for your outdoor living space. Our detailed and creative approach will present options to any deck, pool or patio lighting system that are presented by any other contractor!


When accentuating your outside living space, you want to create a warm, comforting atmosphere. Lighting should guide your guests to a destination and keep them away from hazards. A well executed plan will highlight the architecture of nearby structures and add depth to the environment by lighting far away objects or plant material. Overall, the illumination should not be too bright which could attract bugs and other unwanted distractions. The ultimate goal of a lighting system on your deck or patio is to relax in an ambiance that is simply rewarding and genuine.


Technology in the low-voltage lighting industry has changed dramatically over the last couple years. We all now that LED lamps are the main product produced today. These offer long life, excellent illumination options and low energy demand which will save money in electrical costs. Beyond LED, new advancements are the exciting part! New transformers and control systems allow for the capability to dim or control specific "zones of fixtures" or even each individual fixture. Imagine this, your lighting system can change throughout the course of an evening altering the focus of the area, adapting to events or situations, and impressing anyone who is near the space. These new opportunities are by far, the best advancement in lighting design history. The days of limited options - ON or OFF - are coming to an end. With today technology, your lighting system can adapt to your mood or the mood of the environment.


Our Light Pro Design Team will, without question, exceed your expectations. Our designs and quality of execution are unmatched in the St. Louis marketplace. You can find out yourself by connecting with us today - - CALL US AT 636-223-2555

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