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LED Landscape Lighting

Light Pro Division

In the summer, professionally installed lighting systems extend the hours in which you can enjoy your garden, porch, patio, or deck. In the fall it showcases the red and gold colors of changing leaves. In winter, outdoor lighting can sparkle off new fallen snow. And the first blossoms of spring reach up to the friendly, warm light. Emotionally, lighting can make us feel happy and content by illuminating the beautiful aspects of your landscape and surroundings.


The way your home or business looks, tells people who you are. Your lighting effects should reflect the highest quality, as your design and landscaping do. Light Pro sells and installs complete systems, from transformers to automatic controllers, to motion sensor, to fixtures. Everything is compatible, with no guesswork. With a professionally installed landscape lighting system, first impressions are lasting. We will design a system for you that will highlight the architecture and landscape of your home. When it comes to lighting, simplicity and beauty bring out the best.



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